With over 11 years professional experience, every massage is unique and tailored to you... 

Holistic Full Body, Face and Scalp - 1 hour 45 mins : £69
With Hot and Cold Stones : £72 (Cold stones mixed with hot stones can be used at clients preference) currently unavailable due to timing (CV19) 

"SPECIAL SPARKLY" (long running special offer)

Holistic Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage with Hot Stone Fusion followed by a mini hot stone facial with organic rose and orange oils (if desired) and a tension busting Scalp Massage! Divine! -1 hour and 30 mins* @ £59

Holistic Full Body- 1 hour 30 mins: £62
With Hot and Cold Stones : £67

Eleanors Holistic Back Massage

Holistic Back, Neck, Shoulder, Scalp massage.. a detailed, professional, and ultimately relaxing treatment helping to reduce stress,tension,aches and pains (with Reiki if so wished)- 1 hour: £52 

With Hot and Cold Stones : £57

Holistic Foot and Leg  massage for tired, aching feet and legs- 1 hour+: £42

With Hot and Cold Stones: £47

Indian Head Massage-1hour: £50 
Traditional seated massage encompassing the arms, upper back, neck, head and face. It may be very helpful in reducing some symptoms of stress and tension.  For some, it may provide a deep relaxation, an increase in mental alertness and a feeling of renewed energy.


Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage-1 hour :£42
A thorough, targeted facial and neck massage that also combines the use of acupressure points and work with the meridians to provide an experience of a whole body treatment. It has the perhaps surprising ability to deeply relax body and mind.  The facial skin can benefit from the use of organic, natural, plant oils and increased circulation that this complex yet simple face massage brings, aiming to improve skin tone and condition.  Working with the facial acupressure points, this massage is believed to have a positive effect on the body and the balancing of energy flow. 

More information about Tsuboki Massage can be found at


Tsuboki Japanese Foot Massage- 1 hour+:£47
This is a detailed foot massage and a way of reaching the whole body through the feet. An effective and relaxing massage incorporating the use of acupressure points and meridians. 


Usui Reiki-1 hour:£42
A Reiki treatment consists of laying the hands on the head, face and body and allowing the energy of life to flow through the hands to the person being treated.  The Usui System of Reiki Healing aims to balance and strengthen the function and health of the physical body, enhance relaxation and self-awareness, and quieten and nourish the spirit.  I often combine my massages with part Reiki and supply a fusion of my skills as a therapist to create your unique holistic treatment.

Eleanors Natural Facials: 1 hour+ : £42

Using award winning, natural, organic skincare products which are a 100% naturally derived, my facials will double cleanse, tone, use steamed towels, exfoliate, encompass beautiful facial massage and use uplifting Ayurveda facial marma points, concluding with a natural facial mask and moisturise.

Products contain green tea extracts, jojoba, aloe vera, vit C,B5, kakadu plum and many more plant extracts and oils! Facial masks can be deeply hydrating or face lifting and brightening dependent on your skin requirements. Calming, ultra soothing, neck massage is included:)

My clients can opt for their own specific massage by choosing and combining part treatments

Last updated : 16th July 2021